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Joep Sporck (1985) is a Dutch composer for film, tv and media. He composed music for several motion pictures, shorts, documentaries, TV and radio ads and theater projects. As an independent composer Joep has defined his style by combining orchestral music with other acoustic instruments and electronic textures. A broad variety of instruments are played by Joep such as piano, guitar, drums, accordion and some ethnic woodwinds. Conducting and teaching are some of his other musical occupations. Besides composing, Joep is also working for ProjectSAM, a sample development company in Utrecht (The Netherlands). Whether it's about the right music to create an image, or to evoke the desired images with his music: Joep brings life into film.



  • Music for Philips Real Estate
  • Directed by Guust Mulder
  • Produced by Full Frame
  • Music for commercial Villa Pinedo
  • Directed by Dennis Overeem
  • Produced by IFAN
  • Winner Young Talent Award Film Music Festival in Krakow. The award was presented by Harry Gregson-Williams.
  • Music for 2 Royal Canin UK commercials commissioned by Sizzer Amsterdam


  • Music for BMW 7 Commercial commissioned by Sizzer Amsterdam
  • 4th Place at the Young Talent Award Competition
  • Film Music Festival Krakow
  • Swing! release by ProjectSAM


  • Music for commercial FOX Sports commissioned by Sizzer Amsterdam
  • 3rd Prize at the Film Music Festival Krakow, Poland. Young Talent Award.
  • Score for short film "ALINE_" directed by Aram van de Rest. Winner at the 48hr Film Project Utrecht.
  • Nomination and honourable mention at the Transatlantyk Film Festival in Poland.


  • Score for “NOS Jaaroverzicht” commissioned by Paraphrase Music
  • Filmscore for motion picture: “Sinterklaas en de pepernotenchaos”
  • LUMINA release ProjectSAM


  • Filmscore for motion picture: "Joris en Boris en het Geheim van de Tempel"
  • Filmscore for short film "Hochmut" directed by Aram van de Rest


  • Filmscore "wie weg is wordt gezien" directed by Eva Nijsten. Selected for the Dutch Film Festival
  • Filmscore for motion picture: „Sinterklaas en het raadsel van 5 december”
  • Digital Orchestration Musical „Spamalot”


  • Filmscore for motion picture: "Sinterklaas en het pakjes mysterie" in cooperation with Maarten Spruijt
  • SYMPHOBIA 2 release ProjectSAM


Live news feed

  • 2017-03-21  |  Only 2 more months before the 10th anniversary of FMF! #iloveFMF #FMF #allisfilmmusic https://soundcloud.com/joepsporck/fmf-10-years-trailer-score Read more

  • 2016-12-29  |  New work! Last update for this year..2016 has been a great year! One of the highlights: Winning the Young Talent Award 2016. FMF is busy creating next years program, and I was asked to score a trailer about their 10th anniversary trailer! Proud to share this trailer (and music) with you all. Happy New Year!!Music only: https://soundcloud.com/joepsporck/fmf-10-years-trailer-scorehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YntBU3F46Yo Read more

  • 2016-12-14  |  New work, for the upcoming ProjectSAM library! Check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDB4FxCavXo&feature=share Read more

  • 2016-11-08  |  I've updated my reel with some recent tv / film projects. More exiting projects coming in 2016 though! https://vimeo.com/84119426 Read more

  • 2016-09-23  |  I composed the score for this awesome real estate commercial! Produced by Full Frame, check it out! https://vimeo.com/182504408 Read more

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